Chinese Moving Forward with Taiwan Invasion Preparation

Ever since the 1950s, China and Taiwan have been at odds due to arms issues and diplomatic relations. For years now, China has been preparing to invade Taiwan to remove it as an independent nation. They have a timeline with an end invasion goal of the year 2027. The area separating China and Taiwan is a very small body of water, roughly 150 km, known as the Taiwan Strait, and the Chinese goal is to invade Taiwan to unify this nation with China.

China has been preparing for this invasion in multiple ways for a few years now. The most recent efforts include building mock-ups of one of Taiwan’s most important governmental areas in a Chinese desert, the heart of Taipei,  assuming this is to perform practice drills for specific areas. This information comes from satellite images that began circulating the internet earlier this week from a desert in the Alxa League area of the desert from China’s Inner Mongolia, as stated by a Business Insider article. This replica is not the first, however, China has already created mockups of the Taiwan president’s office and surrounding governmental buildings.

It is important to note that it is unclear exactly when these mockups were built and that China has been practicing these building efforts since as early as 2014. However, this should be an extremely important issue for the Americans because Taiwan is a U.S. ally and a major trade partner and because China has not denounced the use of force to take Taiwan under its power.

This is an extremely important time to take a close look at these issues due to China and Russia being allies and the U.S. currently funding and providing weapons for the war in Ukraine. Joseph Wu, one of Taiwan’s top diplomats, echoed these ideas on Thursday as he expressed concern for continued funding from the U.S. to the Ukrainian war. He feels that if the U.S. halts its funding efforts, it will message that the U.S. is an unreliable partner, reinforcing China with the idea that it can take Taiwan.

As the head of the Indo-Pacific Command, U.S. Admin John Aquilino testified in front of the Senate Armed Services Committee last Thursday, he warned Americans of the Chinese timeline to invade Taiwan by 2027. He spoke about the budget increases that China had implemented, sharing that they increased their budget by 7.2 percent for the third year in a row. He said this timeline is ‘not assured’ but ‘all signs indicate’ this, such as the increased military drills and budget increases.

Admin Aquilino also told the Senate that the U.S. was attempting to bolster alliances with surrounding countries such as the Philippines and Australia prior to the invasion of Taiwan and is maintaining the ‘informal’ alliance with Taiwan. He contended that China is building its military on ‘a scale not seen since World War Two’. 

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