NCSU Honors Program to Have a Special Course on Taylor Swift in Spring 2024

You read that correctly, NC State is joining the trend of offering a course about Taylor Swift. She is famous enough to where she doesn’t need an introduction. However, not every member of the Wolfpack can register to take the credited class about her this January. 

On October 5th, 2023, the spring course list of honors seminars was released to those in the Honors Program provided by North Carolina State University. Among the list included a surprising addition to the selection, called “Taylor Swift: Through the Eras”. It is labeled as HON-398 and there are two available sections. Also, it is a class you can’t just enroll in. Rather, the instructor of the course has to enroll the accepted students directly after careful selection through an application process. This is due to the extreme demand for the course, as seats available to it are limited. Students in the Honors Program who are interested in this course have until October 13th to apply. 

The instructor for this course is Anne Auten, the Assistant Director of the Honors Program. She is an NCSU alumnus who obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Master’s degree in English with a concentration in Gender & Sexuality in 19th century British Literature. In the past, Auten taught various English and writing courses at NC State. She also has experience teaching previous Honors courses. She also appears to be a “Swiftie” as her favorite album alternates between Evermore and Folklore in the course summary.

NCSU will not be the only college in North Carolina to have a class on Taylor Swift about to be available to fans of hers known as “Swifties”. This spring semester, Piedmont Community College is going to be offering a course on her as well. The instructor for this course will be Dr. David Townsend, who told WRAL-News that he is a “life-long Swiftie”. Townsend also stated that the main inspiration for this course is the presence of similar courses available at Stanford and NYU, and wanting to create a class that is more accessible. 

The “Taylor Swift: Through the Eras” course appears to contrast with the one at Piedmont where they will look at her discography, impact on the music industry, economics, and media. The one coming to NCSU will focus on analyzing her songwriting throughout her career in an “intertextual lens” of their musical, lyrical, and cultural narrative. Along with her reputation in pop culture and overall influence. The seminar will also be discussion-based.

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