Why NC Needs Age Verification for Adult Websites

Last January Louisiana passed a law that required pornographic websites to verify the ages of its users. This can be done by using a digital ID card or a government-issued ID to verify the age of the user. The law was passed in their state legislature with bipartisan support, and some consider it a win for protecting children from adult content. Supporters of the bill in the Louisiana legislature stated that pornography hypersexualizes children and can severely affect brain development causing a variety of mental illnesses. It was also made clear that pornography usage leads to difficulty in maintaining and forming intimate relationships all while promoting harmful sexual behaviors.

However, Louisiana would not be the only state to pass such a law; at the beginning of this month the Utah legislature passed a bill that would also require adult websites to verify the age of its users via ID. Doing this will significantly limit children’s access to adult websites. As a result, Pornhub, the most popular adult film website, blocked access to its website in the entire state in protest of the law. This is deemed as a win for social conservatives and has prompted other states, such as South Carolina and Arkansas, to propose similar legislation as Louisiana and Utah. North Carolina should seriously consider passing a law similar to these states. Last April a former-Democrat in the North Carolina State House, Tricia Cotham, changed her party affiliation to Republican. This resulted in the GOP gaining a supermajority in both chambers. The ball is in our court as conservatives when it comes to seeing these laws we want passed come to fruition. If the state legislature passes legislation that would force adult websites to verify the age of its users, it would be a win for parents willing to support and enforce common sense law that protects the sexual innocence of children in the state of North Carolina. If a law like this were to be passed in NC, it would be veto-proof.

While banning the usage and distribution of hardcore internet pornography is ideal, this is a step in the right direction that can be taken to prevent young minds from being corrupted and damaged spiritually and psychologically.

As a person who has struggled with pornography usage in the past, I support this cause. The hard reality of the subject is that pornography harms. It resulted in me living an unhealthy lifestyle and has caused me to lose friends while stunting my ability to form romantic relationships. It led me to becoming resentful, depressed, and unstable. Now, I want to protect children from the experiences I endured by speaking out against the pornographic industry and its affiliates.

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